My View On Abortion. (Morality vs Freedom Of Choice.)

The Abortion Dilemma 

Timothy Venella

Decades after Roe v. Wade, abortion is still a big topic in United States politics. Republicans see it as evil, Democrats will always stand by the supreme court ruling, Green partiers believe aborting a human fetus is fine- but God forbid the fetus is an animal, and Libertarians don’t care what you do with your body. (I am obviously generalizing in my statements but for the most part the generalizations are true and not hyperbolic.) As someone that agrees with most Libertarian policies and theories I believe it should be a choice to get an abortion. But, there is a morality aspect that comes into play. Every person deserves a chance at life, whether they be pre-natal or not. There are some discrepancies though, rape pregnancies, pregnancies due to incest, and pregnancies that can harm the mother, should be terminated. My alternative to abortion is adoption, there are plenty of same-sex and infertile couples in the United States that wait years just to become parents, most of these couples go abroad to adopt a child. I want Republicans to create a bill easing adoption laws domestically. The tweet I am dissecting [above] is from a (assumed) Leftist.

This person takes not take into account; morality or ethics. The death penalty is reserved for convicted criminals that have committed first degree murder. It’s not if you shoplifted from a dollar store, our criminal justice system needs some reform but it’s not Sharia law. We have due process in our country.

This will be the only time in this “rant” where I commend this person. Americans- no matter what party- will support foreign wars. As long as their party is the one dropping the bombs. Do I personally think war is great? Not in the past 20 years. All of our Middle-Eastern interventions have destabilized the area to the point that terrorists own more land than the government’s. With foreign policy, isolationism is the key to saving our sovereignty.

Onto the Second Amendment; to argue this point I will quote the actual Second Amendment with a translation that the average citizen can understand. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” (Because we need ordinary people ready and able to keep the country protected, citizens have the right to have weapons.) ‘Security of a free State.’ That can mean our free State is being threatened by foreign or domestic powers. Therefore, owning “ten guns” is justified- protection of self and of country.

As I said before, we must loosen the laws and regulations on adoption inside the United States. That way we can give the citizens that can’t become parents the “joys” of parenthood.


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