Why I Lost Faith In The Democratic Party

Why I Lost Faith In The Democratic Party

Timothy Venella

At the beginning of the primary season of the 2016 Presidential Election, I thought I would be voting for a Republican. (Rand Paul) But, living in New Jersey at the time, my vote would be cast in June- weeks before both conventions. As the Republican pool was drained along with Rand Paul after the first primary, I had to look at another candidate. Marco Rubio seemed charismatic and full of energy- almost like a 2008 Obama- but he was torn apart by Trump. Ted Cruz has the experience but he gave me the impression that he would turn the United States into a theocracy. John Kasich, the last “moderate” Republican standing, I considered casting my vote for him but he was too far behind to actually win the primary. And finally… Trump, I thought his campaign was a publicity stunt for a new show. I truly believed that he would have stepped down at the RNC just to prove a point. But I can admit that I was wrong. So with a thinning and weak Republican primary I look at the Democrats- I’ve always identified as an independent and generally, a politically ambiguous person. I never considered voting for the corporate shill that is Hillary Clinton. O’Malley was out of the primary before the first caucus. That left Bernie Sanders, a career politician that was giving Hillary a run for her money during the primaries. The more I read into him the more I wanted to vote for him. Maybe it’s because I’m a millennial that dosen’t want to be neck-deep in debt after college to pursue a job. (I am not a liberal arts major.) Back to Bernie; it felt like he actually cared about the everyday person, rather a donor from Goldman Sachs. He convinced me to cast a vote for him in the primary, even though he was “finished,” he had yet to capitulate. But he did lie down just before the convention, “for unity.” The Democratic committee stole that primary from Sanders, the super delegates alone stole the primary from him. Yet, he just submitted to the establishment- the same establishment he promised his voters that he would fight. This was the event that made me disavow the Democratic party. Onto the General election, I decided almost from day one that I wasn’t voting for Clinton or Trump. So I had to decide a third party candidate to support. Jill Stein? I considered her for one minute until I saw what she supports and her vision for the country. I then quickly moved to Gary Johnson, the only candidate that wanted to make legal immigration easier to stop illegal immigration. Other than Jill Stein, he was the only pro-cannabis candidate in the election. (Not that I smoke, I just feel like that people should do what they want to their bodies- within certain parameters.) I wish that I learned about Evan McMullin before the election because I probably would have written him in. Johnson did have a Social Justice Warrior attitude that made him unelectable at points in his campaign. But, I did end up voting for him. Later that night, I watched Donald Trump destroy Hillary Clinton; taking Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Once he was announced President-Elect, I was going to support him, but also hold him accountable for any broken campaign promises. I cannot say the same about my liberal colleagues. Ever since Trump was elected, they have creating descent in colleges and cities. My main example: Inauguration day, anybody with a television or YouTube account saw what the “anti-fascists” did to Washington DC on the 20th of January. Store windows busted, trash cans, and limos torched. How does that hurt the President? It is this type of behavior from the left that made me register as a Republican when I moved out of New Jersey. The left needs to rethink their protests or more people like myself will not subscribe to their ideas or rhetoric.           


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